Vitamin D Injection

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Dose 50000 iu

Illuminate your health with Vitamin D. Specifically designed to combat deficiencies, this potent dose ensures optimal bone health, immune system support, and mood enhancement. Whether you're faced with limited sun exposure or dietary constraints, this injection provides a direct path to embrace the "sunshine vitamin." Elevate your well-being and step into a brighter, healthier you.


+ Aid Calcium Absorption

+ Assist Cell Growth & Development

+ Elevate Immune System

+ Support Metabolic Process

+ Decrease Inflammation

+ Minimize the Risk of Cancer, Osteoporosis & Cardiovascular Disease.

+ Suppress Weight Gain

+ Limit Hair Loss

+ Prevent Fragile Bones and Teeth

+ Regulate Circulatory Levels of Calcium and Phosphorus

+ Balance Hormones

+ Glycemic Control

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