Medication Administration Guide


Subcutaneous injections are given into fatty tissue. Areas of fatty tissue are shaded in the image below.


If using this site, do not use the area within one inch of your belly button. Avoid using the belt line area since rubbing may irritate the site. Avoid scars from surgery.


Use the back side of your upper arm in the fatty tissue. It can be hard to reach this area yourself. You can try pinching up the tissue by placing your arm over the back of a chair or brace it against a wall.


Use middle and outer areas where you can pinch up tissue.


Use any area where you can pinch up tissue. This site is not often used since it’s hard to reach.

Site Rotation

Rotate your injection sites to prevent tissue damage. If tissue is damaged, the medication may not absorb as well. This may make the medication less effective. Keep a record of where their last shot was given to avoid these problems. If you choose one site, like the abdomen only, be sure to rotate shots within that site.


Always wash your hands.

Grab all of your supplies.

Gently roll the vial between your hands, do not shake.

Wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol swab for 30 seconds.

Remove the orange caps and pull the plunger down to the desired units.

Push the needle into the vial.

Push the plunger down forcing the air into the vial.

Turn the vial upside down. Pull the plunger back to withdraw the medication.

Remove all of the air bubbles. Check to see if your dose is correct.

Pick an injection site below the belly button. Clean the area for 30 seconds with alcohol. Push the needle into the skin.

Push the medicine in. Count to 3 before pulling the needle out of the skin. Place the orange caps back on the syringe to discard.